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Ardeo is an Indian SportsGear brand that is engaged in design, development and marketing of its SportsGears.
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About Us

Why should anyone buy Ardeo?
The fashion industry is the world’s second-largest polluter, after oil. That means even if you’re diligent about correctly separating your recycling, put solar panels on your roof and collect rainwater, and strictly buy local, organic produce, you’re inherently implicit in fashion’s shameful truth just by getting dressed every morning.

The answer to creating a sustainable wardrobe is not to throw everything away and start from scratch, nor is it to stop buying clothing altogether. It’s the small changes that will add up to a big difference. Make that small change with us, we push to stand out from the crowd and make an impact.

Ardeo is making an attempt to help all of us realize that, given a choice, choose a brand that recycles the discarded waste. We here at Ardeo recycle used plastic bottles to make our fabrics.

You would feel so responsible buying Ardeo clothing when you see this: For every Ardeo T-shirt, we roughly recycle 10-12 bottles, consequently saving 2kg of CO2 and 30-35lts of fresh water.

"Once you start incorporating Ardeo, you will feel the impact that you are making" Be here, Feel responsible.
ARDEO ORIGINALS is a Platform from Ardeo aimed at all those people who are “Passionate for Opportunity” and to those who want to get better and excel at their craft.

The platform is basically provided for enthusiasts to consume our exclusive content and interact with their community and make the best possible use of it. We are leaving a lot of economics on the table for free!!! Go get it. Every community will be having RBA (Regional Brand Ambassador) who will make the best effort to grow the community and help his/her fellow members with their questions.

Where to access the content?
ARDEO ORIGINALS exclusive content will be available at our YouTube Channel to view and take back tons of insights. It just doesn’t stop here, you can always connect directly to our RBA on anything related to your craft through our Facebook group and we as a team will be available to help the best we can.
Our Ethics:
Our Goal

Ardeo aims at changing the conventional sportswear approach into a sportswear with environmental ethics being embedded in its manufacturing and aiming to change the Indian sporting scenario. The choice of every individual buying an Ardeo product would surely have an impact on every one of us.

Our Essence

Our Essence lies in redefining the sports scenario in India with a new stream of Clothing line that has a positive Environmental impact where all our garments are made from ‘Recycled Polyester’ along with other blends.

Our Promise

Ardeo promises to build a community with ‘Environmental Ethics’ combined with the efforts of making India a ‘Sporting Nation’. We would make sure that every purchase you make will be a ‘Sense of fulfillment’ and a proud moment for you to be a part of Ardeo community.

Our Vibe

As we all should know, the number 2 industry in the world that is hurting the Environment is the Fashion industry. We believe with Ardeo, it’s an attempt in helping solve the big problem. Ardeo’s attempt to rethink the capabilities of a scrap is what makes it valuable.

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